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100% Digital Lens Technology

Mike is always striving to insure that our customers are offered the absolute highest quality products at Wink.  Of course we’ve made a name for ourselves with our huge selection of interesting, beautiful, handmade frames but the key to happy customers and high quality eyewear, in the end, is a high grade, high quality lens.  We view the eyewear we sell as a complete package.  Why would anyone sell an amazing frame then finish the package with substandard lenses?

Lenses have always been a bit mysterious to the customer.  There are no labels.  No visible brands to see.  How do you know the quality that you are purchasing?  Mike decided seven years ago that we would conduct our business a bit differently at Wink.  We don’t a la carte important lens options.  We don’t believe in “lens menus.” And you certainly will never here us talk about “good, better, best” in any form.  If it’s not the best, we don’t offer it.  Period.

As lens technology has advanced, we too have advanced.  Wink is excited to provide 100% Digital lens manufacturing for all of our customers.  Freeform is not just for progressive lenses any longer. Even those who have single vision lenses and lined multi-focals will benefit from digital lenses which provide edge to edge clarity in the distance prescription.

Digital (or freeform) lenses are individually designed for each person’s prescription and are created at the time of the order.  Measurements taken by our staff take into account the frame size, the pupil coordinates, the customer’s posture, the angle of the frame and the position of wear.   Computer aided design then customizes the lens and maps out all of the curves of the customer’s prescription while a software controlled diamond lathe cuts the new curves into the lens.  This advanced process insures clarity of vision throughout the lens area for our clients.  Freeform lenses are available in every prescription and every lens material and style.

In the end, seeing is believing, and we want you to believe in Wink.