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Paul Flinders

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Paul Flinders and his artwork are darlings of many Lawrencians, and so upon his announcement that he was to return to Kaw Valley after a west coast hiatus we just had to have him at Wink!  Now our store is filled with brand new and recent paintings by the local artist.  Their vibrant palettes and whimsical nature lend much to our already playful environment.  We’ve provided a great slideshow of some of our favorites, but don’t be fooled–these must be seen with the naked eye (or with glasses, of course)!

Born in Logan, Utah, Paul Flinders relocated to Northeastern Kansas at age of 13.  He earned his BFA at the University of Kansas in 2008 and has been wowing the local art scene through his involvement with Fresh Produce Art Collective, the DotDotDot Art Space, and many other galleries and art-centric groups.  We love his take on the artistic process:

My poetic dimension in visual art flows from my sense of wonderment.  I approach experience with optimistic curiosity and a particular attraction to the creepy and absurd.  When strange recollections allow the imagination to run riot, waking experience feels like a dream and it causes us to question the reality of the moment with a sense of awe.  This is the very state I attempt to achieve visually.

Paul’s new show is Seekers, Finders & Keepers and will be displayed through mid-November.