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Space Invaders by Ørgreen Optics

Ørgreen Optics takes inspiration from the aerospace and automotive industries for their cool and modern eyewear designs.  The moment we unpacked this most recent shipment of these otherworldly frames we knew they had to be featured in a window display that payed homage to their futuristic aesthetic and vibrant colorways.  We thought these dynamic shapes evoked space ships and rockets.  Following that cue, our own Nick Ray decided to have some fun with them and envisioned this sci-fi influenced diorama of an abandoned mineral mine on the moon (insert Newt Gingrich joke) with Ørgreen frames serving as the last line of defense from marauding invaders from space.  “Defend the crystals at all costs!”  And look fabulous doing it!

Ørgreen factoid:

Every Ørgreen frame is hand crafted from titanium and/or cellulose acetate.  Titanium is a difficult material to color.  It is molecularly and chemically inert so paint does not adhere well to the metal’s surface.  In order to achieve such amazing and vibrant colors, Ørgreen plates the raw titanium in 24 karat gold prior to applying the color.  Gold sticks to titanium, color sticks to gold, thus insuring a durable long lasting finish.  (We love that Ørgreen believes that outta-this-world-blue is more important than 24 karat gold!)