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Bogus Review

Google states (and I tend to agree) that the public response to a review should be short and non argumentative but you clicked here because you want to know more of the story.  In this modern, online world it is often too easy to be anonymous.  Too easy to do harm.  To easy to disparage incorrectly.  And as small businesses we feel helpless to defend ourselves.

So I wanted to express why we feel this review is either bogus, placed by a competitor with an ax to grind, or an error placed by a Google user who didn’t realize they were posting it to our place page instead of the other shop on Massachusetts street that carries Persol.

Here are the facts as we have been able to determine them:

1. The review states that the reviewer purchased at least one Persol frame but bought two frames.  I pulled reports from our sales software for the last 1.5 years.  There were 27 customers who spent between $938 and $955.  Of those 25 were purchases that included only one frame, 1 customer purchased 0 frames but just bought new lenses for several old frames, and only 1 person bought 2 new frames and lenses that fell in that price range.  I personally called that customer and she is very pleased with her eyewear. 0 of these sales inv0lved a Persol frame.

2. We only sell Persol Sunwear and not the ophthalmic (clear prescription) frames.  We haven’t sold a Persol with prescription in it for months.

3.  The reviewer “GeoP” created a google map listing their home address.  We keep diligent records in our financial software of every sale, every item that is sold and all of our customer contact information. This address does not appear on any of our customer files.

4. As I stated in my response on Google, I do not, nor have I ever, owned a Porsche.

There are only four of us that work at Wink.  I am the owner and I am here nearly everyday.  None of us can honestly remember any situation that this person could possibly be referring to.  We take pride in our continuous efforts to be  most fun place that you could purchase a pair of eyewear and I want everyone to feel that we are the nicest and most genuine sales staff that you could have the pleasure of dealing with.


Michael Willoughby

Owner, Wink eyewear