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Wink by Appointment this Weekend

Wink will be closed on March 27th -30th as the Wink staff will travel to the big apple for our Spring markets.  Since most of us go, Wink will have altered hours and availability during that weekend.  On Friday and Saturday the doors will be closed but Deb will be here by appointment only.  If you need anything; picking up your new glasses, to shop for new eyewear, get an adjustment, buy some readers or sunglasses, etc… just make an appointment.



Friday March 28th – Wink by appointment 10 – 6

Saturday March 29th – Wink by appointment 10 – 6

Sunday March 30th – Wink will be closed.

If you use Google Calendar you may Book an Appointment here or just call 785-842-9465 to schedule an appointment for Friday or Saturday.

Please note, the doors will be locked for the general public and openings are beginning to fill up.