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l.a.Eyeworks, an American Fashion Icon, Returns to Lawrence for Designer Showcase!

This Saturday 11am to 6pm,

A Modern American Classic

l.a.Eyeworks is a staple collection at Wink eyewear. Since the 80s, l.a.Eyeworks has bucked trends and political norms with their witty and colorful designs. The aesthetic of their “Uncensored Visions” encourages us to think freely and be who we want.

l.a.Eyeworks descends upon Lawrence this weekend for a much anticipated Designer Showcase.

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Show Specials

Save $100 on any prescription lenses in your new l.a.Eyeworks frame OR get an upgrade to Transitions variable tinted lenses or upgrade to Polarized sunglass lenses at no additional charge.

Dapper with Flare

The face that dons an l.a.Eyeworks frame is usually one that appreciates the classics but insists on eschewing the standard exemplar of conformity.  Twisting the archetypes of fashion into a tizzy; highlighting the edge of iconoclasm; and providing the unexpected dose of realness. The fresh fashions of l.a.Eyeworks imbue the life lived behind them with eccentric authenticity.  Whether you require a timeless tortoise in a unique shape or a standard frame in a funky hue, you’re compelled to drink in l.a.Eyeworks.

Beauty AND Sass

Every pair of l.a.Eyeworks frames have the same hidden design element at the tip of the temples—round frog toes. What is simply seen as a rounded end cap is really a talisman for the l.a.Eyeworks affidavit: Be like the Amazonian tree frog who regularly sheds its skin, because every moment is a chance for bold reinvention.  Vast and varied in their scope, the women behind an l.a.Eyeworks frame demand an audacious outlook balanced with an air of cultivated elegance.

Let us play with your look! There’s never any harm in slipping into a different frame of reference. Who knows—you might just become newly reacquainted with yourself.

About l.a.Eyeworks

High school besties Ghai and Barbara created l.a.Eyeworks in 1979, a year earmarked not only in music and art history as revolutionary.  These ladies created the first gallery boutique our industry had seen and their modern challenging viewpoints continue to inspire us.  Their ‘faces’ ad campaign featuring portraits of the famed and infamed, began in the 90s and is still one of the most iconic in American fashion.  “A face is like a work of art.  It deserves a great frame.”  This motto of the legendary eyewear design house has graced the portraits of celebrity personalities for over three decades.