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Experience the new Orgreen Collection



Let’s take a journey this weekend!

You don’t need to be famous to feel like a celebrity. Sure, Kirsten Dunst looks stunning in Orgreen Jones shades, but just imagine how fabulous you’ll feel once paired with the perfect set of sunglasses. Orgreen creates stunning eyewear that allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ for unfettered glamour & carefree style.

We have extended access to the entire Orgreen collection this weekend! On Saturday we’ll be exhibiting the impeccable Danish stylings for all who enter. We invite you to visit and play—we’re certain that your winter wardrobe would benefit greatly.

They say Denmark is the happiest country in the world.  We couldn’t get there on such short notice so we are bringing a little Denmark to Lawrence. This weekend, Wink might just be the happiest place in Kansas.


Luxury should not be delicate.

Orgreen has consistently taken inspiration from the jetset continuum of cosmopolitan lifestyle. Mitered titanium in a deluge of delectable hues allows you to sport your look on the go with comfort and ease. Dependable, durable & demure.




Matte jewel tones and pearlescent earth tones paired with lustrous metallic sheens. These fabulous four-eyes are unquestionably the ultimate in accessories. We’ll help you find the perfect shape and shade to match your entire wardrobe! After all, feeling fabulous shouldn’t be a chore.



10448835_655230771219666_7193679591938401605_nDialed-in & Dapper

Dude, besides a tailor and hairdresser, who can you trust to guide your style? Your friendly local optician! Every man deserves a sharp look that demands a second look—you dig? Orgreen optics are stately without overstating it. Come get you some…




Just for fun:

After her photo shoot with Vs Magazine (featured above,) Kirsten waits for her ride…