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The Mykita Trunk Show



Visit the MYKITA Trunk Show
at Wink eyewear this Saturday

Overnight on Friday Wink eyewear undergoes a metamorphosis and emerges Saturday morning as a MYKITA Pop-Up, a showroom featuring MYKITA,  MYKITA Lite, MYKITA Sunwear and MYKITA MYLON.  Even the MYKITA brand stores do not stock this many MYKITA frames.

Enjoy the opportunity to view and order any styles in the current collections from this innovative and modern eyewear design house.

To honor such a special occasion Wink has a few showcase offers during the event. Specials on Custom Clips or Transitions Changeable Tint lenses, or just enjoy a $100 discount on your special order MYKITA.

This Saturday, 11am to 7pm