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Designer Showcase — MYKITA MYLON

This Saturday, 11am to 6pm

MYKITA MYLON.  The most innovative and amazing new material for eyewear.  MYLON frames are 3D printed of a lightweight proprietary nylon powder.  The printing process can create nearly any shape the MYKITA design house can dream up and once in solid form it becomes extremely flexible and amazingly durable.  

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Wink is always proud to host the MYKITA collection for a special exhibition of their talent and perspective on the eyewear industry.  If ever you found yourself in need of a lighter, more flexible, more durable, and more fashionable pair of glasses, you will absolutely fall in love with MYKITA.

Manufactured by hand in Berlin of the highest quality, featherweight spring stainless steel, MYKITA frames are some of the most comfortable frames that exist in the world today.  Their exclusive and patented screwless hinge designs have earned them numerous design awards.  No screws means nothing to come loose.  

This Saturday our MYKITA ambassador will be on site with the entire collection for you to browse.