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Meet Our Staff

RaybansMichael Willoughby began his career in the optical industry in 1990.  Fresh out of high school and a freshman at Missouri Western State University, Mike realized he had a keen interest in optics and eyewear.  His first position was in a small optical laboratory where he learned and absorbed all that he could regarding the production of prescription lenses and the process of cutting and edging these lenses into all types of optical frames.  This experience soon led to a dispensing optician position at a local optometrist’s office learning the intricacies of proper optical alignment and frame adjustments.  Mike has apprenticed with some of the most successful boutique owners in the country.  He prides himself on his ability (and desire) to seek out beautiful and fashionable eyewear options for his clients.

“I believe that my aesthetic appeals to the desire of our customers to express themselves in a unique and personal way with their eyewear as accessories, and not just as necessities.” — Michael Willoughby

Deb Rake joined us just a few months after Wink opened in 2006.  Deb’s sense of fearless style and fun keep us motivated every day.  Ever willing to explore new styles, shapes and colors, Deb is considered by many of her clients as their “go-to” eyewear image consultant.  Deb is vice-president of The Community Mercantile’s Education Fund and a fierce advocate of shopping local merchants.  With two adult children raised in Lawrence and a professor of a husband, Deb has deep roots in both the university and community at large.  Deb’s favorite drink is a tall, quad-latte (girl loves her caffeine) and her only vice is a Dairy Queen Soft Serve Vanilla Cone.

“I think that life is full of simple pleasures, but it’s how we celebrate them that makes us really happy.” — Deb Rake

Quinn Morris became a member of our team in December, 2011.  Don’t let her demure presence and kindly attitude fool you, this girl knows her fashion.  Quinn has a great skill in interpreting your personal style and making sure that your new frame broadcasts your own aesthetic not someone elses.  Quinn is not unfamiliar to the concept of customer service, as we fell in love with her first as a preferred server at 715 restaurant.  (Some of you might be sad to know that we’ve stolen her from that favored downtown bistro.)

Quinn moved to Lawrence in 2001 with her husband, local artist, Jeromy Morris and they fell in love with this community and immediately embraced it’s vibrant downtown and energetic art scene.  Quinn is also mother to her semi-celebrity nine year old daughter and in some circles is most often referred to as ‘Opal’s mom.’

“Strive to be the best version of yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Don’t be afraid of change, especially when it comes to your personal style, embrace it!” — Quinn Morris

Rachel Rieke came to Lawrence 15 years ago to attend KU and after meeting the love of her life Chris, they decided to plant roots in Lawrence.  Rachel and Chris have a passion for animals and have adopted three dogs, Olive, Harvey and Chops.

A homebody by nature, an ideal day for Rachel always includes making jewelry in her studio.  She has a small business called Wild Mint Jewelry which mainly consists of handwoven beaded earrings.  Accessories being one of her biggest passions, Rachel feels very at home at Wink and is an expert in the selection process.


Brian Gach and Mike have been great friends since elementary school.  He began working in the optical field in St. Joseph, MO in 1996.  He is one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet and if you are in St. Joe, count yourself lucky that he is now your go-to guy as the manager of our newest location at the corner of Ashland and Gene Field.

Brian helped us open in St. Joe in November of 2017.