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What you do with your eyewear is your business; we just hope you keep it clean!

So you’ve invested in a gorgeous pair of eyewear but how do you maintain the integrity and look of your purchase for years to come?  Dirt, sweat, makeup, hair product and oil from our skin and scalp accrues not only on the lenses but the entire frame–proving to be caustic to metal hinges and screws as well as the paint on metal, and the polish on plastic.  If you’re wearing a frame for a majority of the week it is imperative that you wash your eyewear at least twice weekly.

You can incorporate the following process into your morning ritual without taking up much time:

Start by rinsing the frame in COLD water from the sink. (Never use hot water!)


Suds up a tiny drop of liquid detergent in your hands.  We use Dawn dish soap, but anything that is free from lotions and abrasives is great.


Now work the soapy solution over the eyewear; focusing where skin & hair come in contact with the frame (e.g. temples, nosepads).

step 2b


Rinse clean under cool running water.


Spritz some lens polishing solution over the lenses.

step 4


And lastly wipe dry only with a microfiber polishing cloth.  Using your t-shirt, a towel or paper products causes tiny scratches that will cloud the lenses over time.


It is also advisable to rinse off eyewear after sport activities, yard work or any other dirty job.  We keep a cleaning cloth and polishing spray in our bathroom next to the sink, in the car console and at our work desk so we have the tools necessary whenever needed.

Quick Tips:

  • Hand wash the cleaning cloth in the sink with dish soap and hot water and let it air dry.  Do this whenever you feel that the cloth is smearing more than it is cleaning.  Do not launder the cloth in your machine, this will ruin the cloth.
  • Never wear your eyewear in the shower, bar soaps, shampoos and body wash are all harmful to your frame and lenses!  If you can’t see the labels of your products and you must wear a pair of eyewear in the shower please use an old pair and follow our cleaning regime immediately after every shower.
  • Vacuum out the case from time to time.  Dust or lint will collect in any case and could possibly scratch your lenses.  Blow or vacuum out your case periodically to insure that your lenses don’t become scratched.
  • Invest in an ultrasonic cleaner.  If you have multiple pairs of eyewear or live in a household full of optical needs, we suggest investing in an ultrasonic cleaner.  These machines don’t take up much space and are able to fully dispel grime away from the tiniest of nooks-n-crannies.  Here at Wink eyewear we have these ultrasonic machines for you to purchase.

    Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Stop by the shop at 806 Massachusetts St and ask for a demonstration–we’ll clean your spectacles so you can see this in action!